past life regression


What is past life regression?

Regression is a means during hypnotherapy where we retrieve memories from the past. During past life regression we are accessing memories that are relevant from the clients past life or lives, to their present day situation. The therapeutic uses of this method of working are many.

Of course many people wish to verify the memories brought up, and indeed many do research this afterwards, however that is not what is relevant here for therapeutic use. The mind will access a memory, or memories, that are appropriate to the presenting issue.

What happens during a session?

The client is usually clear about why they wish to access a past life, interest alone is not always as beneficial as having a clear focus of issue.

For instance, in the case of a person with phobia unexplained from the current life, going back and understanding the root cause often removes the phobic response.

The presenting issue or interest is explored in depth before the client undergoes hypnotic trance, to access the relevant memory. Hilary is at all times focussed on the client, and will not “lead” but only feed back the information provided during trance.

Previous sessions have proved not only beneficial to the emotional and mental well being of the client but have given greater clarity and often a shift in the present day issues.